Saturday, April 15, 2017


Sometimes when you hear someone say they're going to grab a burger from a convenience store, you may get an uneasy feeling in your stomach.  Convenience store food can be a little sketchy, unless of course, it comes with recommendations. And that's exactly what happened in the case of Paradise Burgers.  Paradise Burgers is in Argyle, right off of I-35W, north of Texas Motor Speedway.  To me, it's a little more than convenience store dining . . . you do have the option of dining in. 

This burger is great!  They don't ask you how you want your burger cooked when you order, but the meat is fresh and flavorful.  The condiments are just as fresh, layered with purple onion and lettuce; every bite was delicious.  But the best part of the burger is the freshly baked buns.  So yummy and you can just taste the freshness!  

It doesn't seem right to have a burger without fries, so it just made sense to order the combo - a quarter pound burger, fries, and a medium drink for $7.  That's a great deal, considering they load up the to-go-box with fries.

Next time you go to the races, be sure to visit Paradise.

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