Monday, September 17, 2012

Burger House

Since 1951, Burger House has been a part of the Dallas landscape.  The original location on Hillcrest, across from SMU, is still going strong.  But even if you aren't an SMU Mustang or reside in the Park Cities, don't worry, there are five additional locations, including one in Lubbock, and franchising is a possibility.

Walking into Burger House, it's obvious the building is 60 plus years old.  It's just as obvious that they are proud of their humble beginnings.  In fact, I would say it's a part of their charm.  Don't go with a large crowd, the small patio tables and picnic benches really don't support that.  But Burger House is a great place to go if you have the hankering for just a good, honest, burger with a healthy side of savory fries.

When you get to Burger House, simply walk up to the window to place your order.  I recommend getting a double.  After having the super thin patty at Jake's, I've learned to ask about the thickness of the patties when a double is on the menu.  I ordered the double cheeseburger.  After what seemed like forever, but it really wasn't, our names were called one by one and this is what we were presented with - 

How does this not make you happy?  And hungry for a burger?  Like, right now?  The meat was absolutely perfect - in terms of flavor and how it was cooked.  Absolutely great flavor and not overly cooked or dried out.  Now, a word of warning.  The burger comes with mustard and the cook is a fan of mustard.  I was just glad I had asked for ketchup to counter some of the tang of the mustard.  You know how I feel about shredded lettuce and that was a downside, but it wasn't a terrible distraction.  I still don't like it, but if the burger is put together well and the bun doesn't fall apart, then it's a little bit easier to handle.  The bun wasn't anything special, but it was the perfect partner to the double patty.  I always appreciate a good pairing of meat hamburger patty and buns; sometimes I think people underrate the relationship between the two.

Burger House is well known for seasoning they've been putting on their fries for 61 years, and rightly so.  It is incredibly savory and flavorful and I would say worth purchasing for your own pantry.  Are you a fan of onion rings instead?  Well, you can't go wrong with those bad boys either.  Great cut of a white onion and a crunchy outside.  The onions stay together with the crust even when you take a big bite.

Unless you're on the patio, I wouldn't say that Burger House is the kind of place where you might just hang out with friends for an hour or two.  Especially because there are no refills on sodas and the cups are small (by today's standards anyway).  But, I would say that getting a shake and lingering for a few extra minutes is definitely worth it.

Burger House is a Dallas institution and with five Dallas locations, most definitely doable.  I always encourage people to go to the original location if possible, but if that's not possible, you've got other locations to choose from.

Oh yeah, I forget the exact name, but they've got some crazy hot dog/hamburger combination going on.  If you're brave enough to try it, let me how it is.