Sunday, August 19, 2012


Back in May, the Burger Babes visited Goodfriend Beer Garden.  Not open even a year, at that point it was already earning a reputation as having one of the best burgers in Dallas.  Tonight, I returned to Goodfriend, with a good friend, Tina, for a little R & R as we prepare for the beginning of another school year.  Normally, I wouldn't blog about a burger place I've already visited, especially if I didn't try something different the second time around.  I ordered the exact same thing I did in May, that scrumdidlyumptious Coop burger, with the most perfectly fried egg and wonderfully cooked bacon.  What I wanted to share with you this time, was the amazing customer service. Tina and I both ordered our burgers medium, so we were a bit dismayed when the burgers arrived well done, char and everything.  Now there's nothing wrong with a little char on your burger, but when you're expecting medium, it throws you for a loop.  When our waitress came by to check on us, we were honest about the char, but insisted on keeping what we had already started.  Not two minutes later, the manager was at our table, apologizing profusely.  She was incredibly sincere, saying she would address it in the kitchen right away. And even though we said it wasn't necessary, she comped our burgers.  She came back a few minutes later to let us know that there was a new burger flipper on the line and he had been a little overzealous in his grill time.  She apologized again and wanted to make sure that we would be coming back.  Our answer was a resounding YES!!!  Some burgers are just worth a 40 minute drive!  Don't you agree?


The August edition of Burger Babes took place at Hunky's.  There are actually two locations, one in the Bishop Arts District and one on Cedar Springs,which is the one we visited.

After snagging a couple of tables in the back, we took turns placing our orders at the front counter.  Luckily, for these hungry girls, it didn't take but 10 minutes for the burgers to start coming out to our tables.  There was one glitch with an order, but it was quickly fixed.  I wasn't feeling in a fancy hamburger mood that night, so I opted for a Bacon Cheeseburger, with a side of onion rings.  After 10 minutes, this is what arrived:

Bacon Cheeseburger with onion rings
The patty was perfectly cooked, fabulously juicy.  And it was topped with a piece of cheddar cheese that covered the entire patty (and then some), although you can choose from American, Swiss, Jack, Blue, or Mozzarella.  And the bacon slices that were on my burger with thick and cooked to perfection, full of flavor. Since the burger already came with mustard, I added a bit of ketchup to neutralize that tangy flavor.  And that was just what the burger needed.  The buns fit nicely with the burger and it didn't fall apart, always important.  It was buttered and grilled with a nice crispiness to the edges.

The onion rings were good, although I prefer onion rings made from purple onions, not yellow.  The winner, though was the sweet potato fries.  Those were fabulously yummy!  You can get all sorts of other sides at Hunky's...and that's great to have variety.  

Another great thing about Hunky's is the variety in the burgers.  Not only are there different specialty burgers, but for those of you who are a bit more health conscious, you can get a turkey burger or a veggie burger. I love having option available. 

Hunky's definitely gets a thumbs up.  It's a tasty, well done burger and the customer service is great.  And even though we had been done with our meal for a long time, we never felt pressured to leave our cozy corner.  And no matter which location you go to, you're sure to have a lot of options for entertainment after dinner.  

Until next time!