Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 - Part 1

January - Maple & Motor (Dallas)
February - Snuffer's (Dallas)
March - Smashburger (Addison)
April - Purple Cow (Dallas)
May - Lee Harvey's (Dallas)
June - Scotty P's (Dallas) to pick a favorite out of this list? I don't think it's really possible. Snuffer's is, of course, a Dallas tradition. In addition to a great burger, Snuffer's is famous for it's ooey gooey cheesy cheddar fries. Although, it might not be fair to pass judgement on our visit to Snuffer's. This BB outing coincided with the Great Blizzard of 2010. That week we received at least 8 inches of snow and only three of us braved the elements to try this burger.

I think Purple Cow and Scotty P's would be at the bottom of this list. Not that they are bad burgers, but they weren't anything special to write home about.

The remaining three places, Lee Harvey's, Smashburger, and Maple & Motor, have become three of my all time favorites.

Be sure to actually order a's the best way to go. The Smash sauce totally makes the burger. But beware, it can be messy. Stock up on napkins before you start eating. And you can't go wrong with any of their sides, although I must say I am partial to the fried veggies. And the sweet potato fries. And the onion rings...

I can't really explain the Maple and Motor burger. It's a bit messy as well, but it is a burger done well. I think it might be the pickle relish that makes this burger so special. M&M is small and it's at the intersection of well, Maple and Motor, in Dallas. And a bonus for me, it's on the way home from TSRHC, so occasionally, after spending some time at the hospital, I call in my order and pick it up on the way home. It's all about efficiency, people.

It is quite possible that Lee Harvey's is my favorite from this list. Super yummy burgers with homemade pickles that would give my Grandma a run for her money. And the atmosphere is fantabulously casual! It's mostly outdoor dining with live music. The inside dining is small, but it has a jukebox with some eclectic music choices. So when the weather is beautiful, Lee Harvey's is the place to go for some girl time and a great burger.

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