Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rudy's Bar & Grill

Last week I headed to the Windy City of Chicago for a family reunion.  Before going, I did my homework and googled "best burgers in Chicago."  The list was pretty extensive. Since I was only going to be in Chicago for a couple of days, it was a little stressful in making the right decision.  My first choice, Kuma's Corner, was not going to work out logisitically, so my cousins and I opted for Rudy's Bar & Grill on Madison, right off of Michigan.  It was the perfect place to stop on our way back to the hotel from the Art Institute.

I choose the BBQ Burger which consisted of cheddar cheese, Sweet Baby Ray’s, bacon and an onion ring, and of course, a side of fries.  We didn't have to wait too long, although my Diet Coke was pretty much gone by the time my burger arrived.  I should explain though, that Rudy's only carries the mini bottles of Diet Coke, so it didn't take too much time to drink it.  (My least favorite thing about Chicago is the lack of Coke products to be found; it's very much a Pepsi town).
The fries were super yummy.  Perfectly seasoned, no ketchup needed.  The burger was a sight to behold.  I love it when the server asks how I want my burger cooked and it actually comes cooked that way.  Take note servers and chefs...that's always a good thing.  The thick patty was cooked medium and the slices of bacon were cooked perfectly.  Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce is a perfect choice for a burger...just the right amount of sweet and tangy.  Even the onion ring and melted cheddar was the perfect addition to top off the burger.  While the burger was super tasty, it was also super messy.  If you're going to create a burger with a thick patty and a lot of sauce, you really need to serve it with a pretty substantial bun.  That was the weakness of the burger. 

Rudy's has a good burger menu with lots of options, including a build your own.  If you're hanging out at Millenium Park or the Art Institute and you get the craving for a burger, it's definitely a good stop.  I don't know that I would go again if I were to revisit Chicago.  There are a lot of other outstanding burgers in the Windy City.   Hmmm...maybe the Burger Babes need to spread their wings a bit. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Molly's Burgers

I love the Groupon and the Daily Deal!  It has given me the opportunity to try new places I might not otherwise know about.  Today I used my Daily Deal at Molly's Burgers (Little Rd. & I-20) in Arlington.  Although it was a bit of a drive for me, it was worth it. 

Molly's Burgers has quite a few choices...way more than the basics you find at places like Goff's or Club Schmitz.  I ordered the Kylee, complete with provolone, avocado, and a spicy mayo (not too spicy though).  While I originally thought making a burger decision was tough, I was overwhelmed with the choices of sides: fries, fries with rosemary & thyme, fried pickles, fried zucchini, or inion rings.  What's a girl to do?  The person who took my order recommended the onion rings so I went with those.  After placing my order with the very friendly employee, I filled my cup with Diet Coke and grabbed a table.  I made sure to get a complimentary serving of homemade pinto beans in the huge pot under the tv.  I thought it was kind of strange, but kind of cute, and the beans were actually quite yummy.  While I waited for my lunch, I perused the Trivial Pursuit cards that were at my table.  To me,that is even better than playing Words with Friends while I wait.
After about 5 minutes, this is what arrived!

The burger was beautifully put together.  Those are fried onions you see sprinkled on the top of the cheese.  The avocado added a perfect creaminess to the burger and was a perfect match for the spicy mayo that they use.  I will admit, the patty was pretty thin and I was a bit disappointed in that.  And there really wasn't anything special about the flavor of the patty itself, but that was easy to ignore with the combination of all of the condiments.

The onion rings were too done and too crispy for me.  Despite the recommendation from the girl behind the counter, they weren't all that fabulous and I will get a different side next time.  I'm thinking fried pickles!
If you have small kids, this is absolutely a great place to take them.  There are a couple of kid-sized tables in the restaurant and there is a shelf filled with games and puzzles for entertainment.

I was too full to try one of their shakes or pies, but I did grab a yummy red velvet cake ball for the ride home.

If you are in the South Arlington/Mansfield area and you want a good burger and a friendly, family-oriented place to hang out, then you should definitely put Molly's on your list.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Goff's Hamburgers

Goff's Hamburgers has been a Dallas institution for charcoal broiled hamburgers since 1950.  There are two locations, one in University Park, and the one we went to at Preston & Forest.  Since the one we went to looked fairly modern, I'm assuming the University Park location is the original.  I will admit, we do start our Burger Babe events early, usually around 6:30.  This gives us plenty of time to hang out to enjoy our burger and each other's company.  This was the first time, though, that we walked into a place and we were the only ones there.  A couple of other groups did walk in shortly after we did, but we were all wondering if this was a sign of things to come. 

After snagging our table dead center, we each placed our order at the counter.  We probably waited 10 to 15 minutes before receiving our food.  Most us ordered the #14, the old fashioned with mustard, pickles, and onions, with the addition of cheese.  I also added the hickory sauce, which was definitely a good addition.  Here's what our burgers looked like...

The patty was tasty and cooked just right.  The buns had a bit of crunch to them...they spent just enough time on the grill to get the right amount of crisp.  Yea!!!  As previously mentioned, the hickory sauce was a great addition to the burger - it had a yummy, tangy flavor.  Unfortunately, for this group, cheese is a big part of our burgers and Goff's likes to put grated, unmelted cheese on their burgers.  Not really a big fan of that.  Otherwise, it is a good, flavorful traditional burger - nothing fancy about it.  If you work in the area and you wanted a good burger (minus the cheese) for lunch, this would be the place to go.  Not so much for a girls' night out.  For those of you who want a beer with your burger, Goff's is not the place for you - sodas and shakes only.

Oops! Almost forgot about the sides.  The onion rings are fabulous!  Definitely order those when you go.  The fries are good, although I had to salt mine for a bit more flavor.

Would I head over to North Dallas just to get a burger at Goff's?  Probably not.  But, if I'm in the area and I was craving a charcoal broiled hamburger, I just might pop in...especially since Stein's Bakery is in the same shopping center.  Now that's a reason to venture out on LBJ.

Until next time...