Saturday, April 15, 2017

Peace Burger

The great thing about having a day off is the ability to meet up with friends for lunch. And that's just what Amalia, Caitlin, and I did the other day.  We met a Peace Burger in Grapevine for a burger and the chance to catch up.

I ordered a Sissy Burger - bacon, cheddar, mustard, mayo; condiments on the side.  Let's start with the bun, which is poppy seed.  I don't have anything against poppy seed buns, I just don't know how it enhances the taste of a burger.  Let's talk bacon!  You know it's one of my favorites and there's something about on a burger that is so delicious.  But one thing I have never thought about is the type of bacon and how it's cooked.  And I guess I've never thought about it because bacon on a burger is pretty consistent, right?  If I were to ask you how you picture bacon on your burger, it's probably a bit crispy and flat.  Not at Peace Burger.  It's on the chewy side and definitely not flat which made it more of a challenge to eat.  I ended up taking the bacon off of the burger - it just wasn't doing anything for me.  First time for everything. Overall, I'd say the burger was decent.  It felt like the temperatures of the components weren't matching.  It's not like the buns were super cold, but it's as though things just weren't coming together.  

We also ordered the 50/50, a basket of fries and onion rings.  The onion rings were made with white onions and really delicious.  Very flavorful and the perfect texture, slightly crispy.  The fries, however, were plain in my opinion.  If I were to go back, I would stick with just the onion rings.

When we first arrived our waitress was quite attentive.  That changed once we got our food.  It's almost like she forgot about us. So that was a bit disappointing as well.  At this point, I'm not sure if I would go back, at least for a burger.  Which is a bummer, because over the years, I've heard good things about Peace Burger.  But just maybe, I'll give it another chance someday.


Sometimes when you hear someone say they're going to grab a burger from a convenience store, you may get an uneasy feeling in your stomach.  Convenience store food can be a little sketchy, unless of course, it comes with recommendations. And that's exactly what happened in the case of Paradise Burgers.  Paradise Burgers is in Argyle, right off of I-35W, north of Texas Motor Speedway.  To me, it's a little more than convenience store dining . . . you do have the option of dining in. 

This burger is great!  They don't ask you how you want your burger cooked when you order, but the meat is fresh and flavorful.  The condiments are just as fresh, layered with purple onion and lettuce; every bite was delicious.  But the best part of the burger is the freshly baked buns.  So yummy and you can just taste the freshness!  

It doesn't seem right to have a burger without fries, so it just made sense to order the combo - a quarter pound burger, fries, and a medium drink for $7.  That's a great deal, considering they load up the to-go-box with fries.

Next time you go to the races, be sure to visit Paradise.