Friday, November 23, 2012

LA Burger

In November, the Burger Babes tried out LA Burger on North MacArthur in Irving.  LA Burger is the brainchild of two Korean brothers originally from Los Angeles; their goal is to combine Korean flavor with American classics.  Located in a strip mall in North Irving, it's a small BYOB storefront.  

After placing our orders at the counter, we settled in to wait for our burgers.  It was about a 15 minute wait, but you could tell the burgers were freshly made.  I ordered the Cali Sunshine: crisp bacon, a homemade spread, an egg made over easy, and cheddar cheese.  I would really liked to have ordered the LA Burger which comes complete with kimchi, but I wasn't nearly brave enough to try something that spicy.  

Cali Sunshine with sweet potato fries
Amanda's burger came first.  She did get the LA Burger with kimchi and she gave it two thumbs up.  Tina and I both ordered the Cali Sunshine and it was scrumptious.  Everyone's biggest complaint was the bread.  It tasted great and brought everything together nicely, but it was just too much.  In fact, Amanda and Tina ate their burgers sans bread top.  I was able to muster my way through it, though.  And while I do love a toasted bun, the center part of the top did get a bit too crispy for me. The flavors of the patty, bacon, cheese and  homemade spread did come together quite nicely.  I always think an egg on a burger is dicey.  It's incredibly yummy!  But, if the yolk is too runny, you've got a complete mess.  And if it's cooked too hard, then there's not any of the runny yumminess.  Unfortunately, my yolk was a bit too hard.  While it still gave the burger great flavor, it didn't really have the runniness I was hoping for.  Overall, we do give the burgers at LA Burgers a hearty endorsement.

LA Burger with onion rings
The sides on the other hand, were decent, but nothing to write home about. We ordered the onion rings, french fries, and sweet potato fries. Surprisingly enough, none of them had much flavor to them.  I was expecting them to have a little more pizzazz considering LA Burger's story.  And it's not that they were bad, they just weren't anything out of the ordinary.  
Prices are good, sides are decent, and the burgers are full of flavor.  If you live or work in the Irving area, then you should definitely check it out.