Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Guys

The Burger Babes kicked off 2011 with a visit to Five Guys. Hmmm...where to start? I know some people will really disagree with me, but it's not all that and a bag of chips. While I do like mustard and ketchup on my burger, I don't like so much that it oozes out and makes such a big mess. The patty (or patties) itself is a nicely cooked and tasty, but the overabundance of condiments kind of ruined it for me. I've had their fries before and liked them, but the night we went they weren't very flavorful.

And the atmosphere really isn't right for a BB outing. We didn't even all get to sit together. Poo! That's half the fun.

No where to go but up!

It only took me a year or so to actually writing about Burger Babes. Hopefully, it won't take quite that long for me to get my act together with our official scoring rubric.

2010 - Part 2

July - The Grape (Dallas)
August - Kenny's (Frisco)
September - Chip's (Dallas)
October - Club Schmitz (Dallas)
November - Love Shack So. 7 (Ft. Worth)
December - Yourway (Dallas)

Another list of winners. My favorite? Tough call.

You can only get a burger at The Grape at Sunday brunch, but it is well worth it. It really is a stupendous burger. If you're thinking about it, be sure to make reservations. Sunday brunch at The Grape is a popular outing. Definitely one of my faves!

Kenny's is in a class by itself. The burger is great and the service was wonderful. In fact, the Burger Babes made such an impression that the manager took our picture to hang behind the bar. It was small and crowded on the Friday night we went, but the wait was totally worth it. Hmmm...I'm starting to crave a Kenny's Burger; might be time to pay them aother visit.

Both Chip's and Club Schmitz are Dallas classics. You really can't be a fan of burgers and not visit these two places. There's nothing fancy about their burgers - just a good, solid burger when you need one.

Love Shack So.7 was our first venture into Ft. Worth and it was definitely a good choice. I wish I could remember the name of the burger I got. All i remember is that it had a fried quail egg on top of the very juicy patty. If you go, order it! I insist! Inside dining space is limited, but they have an awesome patio, so you may want to go when the weather is nice.

We ended the year at Yourway. It's kind of like a Which Wich for burgers. You fill out a form noting what kind of bread, cheese, and toppings you want. They also have infused toppings - chopped mushrooms, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, or crushed red peppers mixed into the angus patty. Overall, a good burger with really great sides.

Next up...January 2011!

Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 - Part 1

January - Maple & Motor (Dallas)
February - Snuffer's (Dallas)
March - Smashburger (Addison)
April - Purple Cow (Dallas)
May - Lee Harvey's (Dallas)
June - Scotty P's (Dallas) to pick a favorite out of this list? I don't think it's really possible. Snuffer's is, of course, a Dallas tradition. In addition to a great burger, Snuffer's is famous for it's ooey gooey cheesy cheddar fries. Although, it might not be fair to pass judgement on our visit to Snuffer's. This BB outing coincided with the Great Blizzard of 2010. That week we received at least 8 inches of snow and only three of us braved the elements to try this burger.

I think Purple Cow and Scotty P's would be at the bottom of this list. Not that they are bad burgers, but they weren't anything special to write home about.

The remaining three places, Lee Harvey's, Smashburger, and Maple & Motor, have become three of my all time favorites.

Be sure to actually order a's the best way to go. The Smash sauce totally makes the burger. But beware, it can be messy. Stock up on napkins before you start eating. And you can't go wrong with any of their sides, although I must say I am partial to the fried veggies. And the sweet potato fries. And the onion rings...

I can't really explain the Maple and Motor burger. It's a bit messy as well, but it is a burger done well. I think it might be the pickle relish that makes this burger so special. M&M is small and it's at the intersection of well, Maple and Motor, in Dallas. And a bonus for me, it's on the way home from TSRHC, so occasionally, after spending some time at the hospital, I call in my order and pick it up on the way home. It's all about efficiency, people.

It is quite possible that Lee Harvey's is my favorite from this list. Super yummy burgers with homemade pickles that would give my Grandma a run for her money. And the atmosphere is fantabulously casual! It's mostly outdoor dining with live music. The inside dining is small, but it has a jukebox with some eclectic music choices. So when the weather is beautiful, Lee Harvey's is the place to go for some girl time and a great burger.


2009 -

November - Jake's (Dallas)
December - Twisted Root (Dallas)

Between these two Dallas restaurants, Twisted Root was by far everyone's favorite. Although Jake's had some great sides, including sweet potato fries and fried pickle chips, the Twisted Root definitely had the better burger. Don't get me wrong, Jake's is a good burger, but there was an overabundance of poppy seeds on the buns and the thin patties left us wanting more. In fact, I'm pretty sure some of us left thinking "more meat."


A few years ago, a friend from my book club formed BNB (Burgers and Bitchin'). We met once a month at a different burger joint somewhere in Dallas. Our goal was simple - eat a great burger while enjoying some quality girl time. Unfortunately, after about a year and a half, the group fell apart. No particualr reason, it just kind of happened. But the idea of a burger club never left me. I still had the list of places to get a burger in DFW (there were about 50 places listed) so I reviewed the list, making some additions and deletions. Then, I started thinking about my girlfriends. Who would be interested in helping me find the best burger DFW had to offer? So now I had my list of burger joints and my list of burger-loving was time to send out my first evite. And thus, the Burger Babes of DFW was born. We've been active since November 2009. I know, it's January 2011, and I'm just now blogging about it? I do tend to procrastinate sometimes. I promise I'll briefly catch you up on our 1st year and then be much mroe diligent about updating each month.