Monday, April 9, 2012

Tommy's...Well, Kind of, Sort of...

Using one of my many Groupons, Mandy and I went on another unofficial Burger Babe outing, this time to Tommy's in Fort Worth.  This was actually quite a few months ago (October, I believe), but I figure better late than never.  Of course, many of the finer details have escaped me, but two things did stay with me. Number one is that the sweet tea was really not that fabulously sweet. Number two is that Tommy's was horribly understaffed, especially since the Groupon expired the following day.

Due to the gap between writing this entry and actually eating the burger, I can't really tell you too much.  Although, maybe that in itself says all you need to know.   Be sure to order the corn nuggets; they will definitely not disappoint you.

Have you been to Tommy's? Feel free to add your own review in the comments section.

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