Friday, July 12, 2013

Square Burger

Two Burger Babes headed north to McKinney to try out the much touted Square Burger in McKinney this month.  It's a small restaurant on the McKinney Square with an extensive beer list and a variety of burgers.  There are a lot of places to eat on McKinney's Square, but Square Burger was by far the busiest.  We waited about 10 minutes for our table; the hostess took our number and offered to call us when the table was ready so we could walk around.

As soon as we were seated, we ordered some mac and cheese for our appetizer.  Super creamy and sprinkled with ham and English peas, it was quite yummy.  The serving size was generous; it could be someone's main dish or four people could share it and be good.

Mandy ordered the Bacon and Smoked Cheddar BBQ Burger while I opted for the Mushroom-Border Burger.  And we each made to sure to order a different side for sharing.  The burgers are 7 ounces, but you can request 5 ounces instead.  I would definitely advise going for the smaller burger as it is still plenty!  And instead of ordering the full side, you can get a smaller version when you order it with your burger.  Again, that is absolutely the way to go.  Even with a smaller burger and a smaller side, I still couldn't finish everything.  I do appreciate when the waitstaff asks how you want your burger cooked and when they explain what their medium is, which is what our fabulous, soft-spoken waitress did.  It did seem to take awhile to get our burgers, maybe because we were both hungry and the restaurant was full of amazing aromas.

After about twenty minutes, this is what arrived at our table:

Obviously a work of art!  The chef at Square is generous with the servings, almost too generous.  My mushrooms were beautifully sauteed and the avocado was creamy and flavorful.  While the avocado was plentiful, it was in one big chunk.  I would prefer it sliced as the entire thing went shooting out of my burger with the first bite.  The bacon was perfectly crisped and chopped, sprinkled over Swiss cheese.  The Iceberg lettuce was chopped like a wedge salad.  Different, but too much.  I had to peel off about 4 layers to make my burger manageable.  The bun was delicious, buttered on top, which means you need extra napkins.  I couldn't quite tell you, but something was just a tiny bit off with the flavor of the patty.  It might have been the fact that I was expecting a little more pink in my burger, I'm not really sure.  Unfortunately, whatever it is, it keeps me from going gaga over the burger.

The sides were absolutely wonderful!  The onion rings were made from white onions and fried tempura-style. They were light and crispy, but not crunchy crispy.  And the seasoning was spot on.  The sweet potato fries were also great.  Small and thin with the perfect crispiness, they were served with a housemade garlic aioli. And all burgers come with a tempura fried pickle spear!  Awesomeness!

Always the question is, would I go back to an establishment for its burger?  In this case, there are two answers.  Would I drive from Euless to McKinney just for this burger?  No.  If I'm in the McKinney-Allen area and needed a place to eat, would I go back?  Probably so.  Well, actually, I do need to go back at least once for their fried apple pie, drizzled with caramel sauce and served with cheddar cheese.  We were just too full to even think about it.  Not true . . . I totally thought about it!

Thanks for stopping by.  Next month we visit Chop House Burgers in Arlington.  Looking forward to this one since Guy Fieri visited this place for Triple D last year.

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