Saturday, January 14, 2012


If you've lived in Dallas any amount of time, more than likely you've heard of Adair's Saloon.  It's on Commerce, in the heart of Deep Ellum and it's been there since 1963. It's a small dive known for its live music, burgers, and the patrons who sign their name in Sharpie wherever there's some space.  Anytime you talk burgers in Dallas, Adair's usually comes up.  And it is a good burger, but overall, it's not my go-to.

Once you've snagged your seat, you place your order at the bar.  Choices at Adair's are pretty basic: hamburger, cheeseburger, and a couple of other options if you're not in the mood for a burger (What?!?!).  For sides you can pick french fries (duh!), chips, or even popcorn or peanuts.

You know the burgers are fresh and that it's a small kitchen since it takes about 15 - 20 minutes to get your burger and fries when it's not busy.  And the presentation is anything but fancy...something so pleasing and comforting about a burger wrapped in that red and white checkered paper. 

It's no lie.  The cheeseburger at Adair's is great.  The thick and juicy patty is cooked well and served on a no frills white bun.  Not that big of a fan of the shredded lettuce, but it's manageable.  The burger comes with mustard, but you have to add your own ketchup.  Definitely an old school burger that will hit the spot.

As you know, while we are the Burger Babes, the sides that come with our burgers are just as important.  And even if french fries are the only option, that's something we can live with...if they're good.  I am so sad to say that Adair's gets a failing mark on this part of the meal.  Although they looked like they had been cooked just right, they tasted like they had been fried in some really old oil.  Even the ketchup didn't help.  Again, so sad.  Coupled with the lackluster fries was the not so pleasant aroma that intensified the further back into the bar you walked.  So I can't really even recommend stopping by Adair's if you happen to be in the neighborhood and you're looking for a burger.  There are just too many other fabulous options on the same block.  I think the exception would be if there's a band playing that you really want to see, or if you really love Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Because the fries had been so disappointing and a couple of us were still hungry, we walked across the street the Twisted Root.  Thanks to Tina for getting us the Fried Ride.

Straight Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Chips, Fried Onion Strings, Quincy’s Fried Pickles, and Fried Green Beans, partnered with peppercorn and chipotle ranch.
 And although we didn't actually eat a burger this time, the Burger Babes have visited the Twisted Root Burger the past and we can confidently recommend any of the burger choices

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  1. Thanks to an old family friend for setting me straight on the history of Adairs. It was originally located at the corner of Cedar Springs and Reagan until about 1968 or 69. It was one of the first places in Dallas to offer the big hamburger. Thanks, Joe!