Saturday, June 8, 2013


Mention Wingfield's to most Dallasites and they'll know exactly what you're talking about.  One of the biggest, baddest burgers in the state.  Possibly anywhere.  A perennial contender for not just the best burger in Dallas, but in Texas, Wingfield's is so legendary they don't even have a website.  Think about that - in 2013, one of the most well known burger places in the state does their business based solely on word of mouth.  And being listed as one of Texas Monthly's top 10 burgers in 2009 certainly didn't hurt either. 

Wingfield's is just south of the Dallas Zoo, at Beckley & Illinois.  And you definitely need to be watching for it as it's a very small, very unassuming building.  There's no place to eat inside.  You walk in and and you are immediately at the counter where you place your order.  Be prepared. This is a cash only establishment.  After placing our order, we went back to the car to prep our dining area.  Luckily, Amanda drove and she has a tailagte.  Not only does she have the perfect car for this sort of adventure, she recently packed up her classroom and still had her stools in her car.  We couldn't have planned it any better than this!

When your burger is ready, there will be a rap on the window for you to some back in and get it.  You're handed a white paper sack and if you're like me, you might think, hmmm...this is kind of heavy.  Well, no wonder.  Just look at this bad boy.  And honestly, the picture doesn't do it justice.

The burger is absolutely great! And totally deserving of anything fabulous ever said about it. Wingfield's doesn't do all of the bells and whistles; we're talking a good, old school burger.  Most of us got the bacon and cheeseburger.  I think I counted six perfectly cooked, thick strips of bacon on my burger.  That gave the burger a lot of flavor.  The cheese, a slice of American, was a bit tougher to notice.  I would imagine because there was just one slice and in proportion to everything else, that's just not enough.  I omitted the tomato, but after seeing how red and juicy they were, I regretted doing so.  When you order your burger, you'll be asked if you want mustard and mayo.  I wasn't feeling the mayo love today, so I left that off.  Apparently what that means at Wingfield's is double mustard, coating both buns in it.  While I like mustard, I'm not that passionate about it. That is one thing I would do over; either get both condiments, or be sure to say you only want mustard on one bun.  Adding ketchup helped, but with only two packets, I couldn't do too much.  I really can't even tell you how much that meat patty weighed.  Fairly certain it's the largest I've ever had.  And one thing that really impressed my was the bun.  Typically, with that kind of set up, you know that burger is going to be falling apart.  Amazingly enough, it held together really well, even when I sent it down to eat an onion ring.  

The onion rings were good. The onions (white) had a great, fresh flavor and the rings were crispy.  The fries were average at best.  Honestly, you go to Wingfield's for the burger, no sides needed.  Not a one of us even came close to finishing our burger.  Please promise me, if you are a burger lover and you haven't been to Wingfield's, you will add it to your list.  Friendly service, a different type of experience for most of us, and a truly amazing burger.

Helpful hints for your first visit to Wingfield's:
1.  Carpool - parking is very limited.
2.  Go in a car that is conducive to outside dining (tailgate preferred).
3.  Throw a couple of stools or chairs in the car, just in case.
4.  Take cash.
5.  Skip the sides.
6. Be prepared for a lot of mustard if you hold the mayo.
7.  Napkins won't work.  Take your own paper towels or ask the lady behind the counter to borrow her roll.
8.  Unless you are a freak of nature, it's not really necessary to get the double patty.
9.  Go with friends or family who you love to hang out with and you can be who you are.