Friday, February 11, 2011

Burger Girl

I thought it was high time the Burger Babes headed to the Burger Girl on McKinney Ave. in Dallas. It's a small neighborhood burger joint that's been open about a year.

We were greeted immediately upon entering and told to just pick a spot. Well, it only holds about 25 people and I think about 20 spots were already taken by the DPD Gang Unit, so we just bellied up to the bar for the evening. And that definitely had its advantages. While waiting for our small group to arrive, Esther and I decided to try out the fried pickles. And that was a good choice - not heavily breaded, ranch for dipping, and definitely plenty for sharing.

The burger was really good - very fresh and cooked just right. I ordered The Hangover, which is a burger with a fried egg on top of the patty. I've only recently discovered this phenomenom and I must admit, I rather like it. The patty didn't have a whole lot of seasoning to it, but there is a special sauce (kind of horseradishy) that adds just the right amount of flavor. And an interesting cheese twist? They use white cheddar on the burgers. It's a good-sized burger so I was afraid it might start to fall apart. But my fears were unfounded. It held together to the very end.
I tried the sweet potato fries; naked, not breaded, and those were absolutely fabulous. You can also choose from regular fries or loaded fries (cheese, sour cream, and bacon). Really, you can't go wrong with any of them. And yes, I did have a sample of all three.
Something that makes Burger Girl stand apart from other burger places is their wide selection of adult shakes. And while none of us ordered one, we were sitting at the bar and the manager was very friendly and intrigued by the Burger Babes. And sometimes that manager would just give us the extra little bit leftover from an an order being filled. All I'm saying is you might want to try the coconut or oatmeal shake if you're in the neighborhood.
And the service was just great. Even though they were short staffed, they were attentive and friendly. Overall, Burger Girl has definitely earned a place on my list of burger joints to revisit. So if you're in the Uptown area or Frisco, check it out.